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Welcome to the Wisdom Cafe


Courage and



Wherever your journey takes you, the Wisdom Café is a nourishing place to stop along the way.

Perhaps you crave something light to take with you.  Or maybe you want to linger and savor something that tastes like self-reflection and possibility.

Check out the menu below for a broad selection of options to support and inspire you.

On the lighter side...

Make the most of your time and budget with the inexpensive options below.  


Feeling overwhelmed and wondering what this is all about?  Let's chat!

Whether you're interested in coaching, want more information about workshops, or just want to explore how I can support you on your journey - click "Book Now' below to schedule a 15-minute Virtual Coffee with me!

Explore Over Espresso

15 Minute Intro

EYIL cover.jpg

Make time for you! Time to write. Time to be still. Time to reflect.  

What might change in your life if you hit the ‘pause’ button for ten to

twenty minutes each week to delve into the wilderness of your soul?

What will you discover?

Explore Your

Inner Landscape

52 weeks of activities & journal prompts to guide you on a journey of self-discovery!

This book includes:

  • Weekly journaling prompts and lined pages for writing

  • Ideas for activities that you can do before and after writing each week to deepen your experience

  • Inspirational quotes and journal excerpts

Green Juice

E-Coaching is an innovative way that I make coaching accessible for all! 

Support &  Sustain

Coaching by Email

(e-Coaching Subscription)

If you have budget or schedule constraints, purchase a monthly plan for coaching sessions that will be done via email on a weekly or monthly basis.  Read and reply to emails from me when it is convenient for you and get the support you need to create and sustain meaningful change in your life.

Blackberry and Lemon Detox

Practice yoga at home with a private session to help you relax and renew!

This session/class will be done via Skype, Facetime or Zoom. 

You can make it 1:1 or can include friends and family members.

Relax & Renew

Virtual Yoga Session - 60 min

Nourishment & support...

1:1 Transformational Coaching for creating & sustaining change


Revelation Ristretto

Single Session - 45 min

Order one to schedule a focused session to help reconnect. 

Center, clarify, and discuss a specific challenge or opportunity.

Or use this to do a one-time follow-up from previous sessions.

Hot milk art coffee on vintage

Create-it Cappucino

Treat yourself to a change.  Over the course of three (3) sessions, you'll commit to making at least one small change and

create a plan to sustain it or expand on it.

3-Session Package - 45 min each

$120 per session / 20% savings

Ice coffee in the glass topped whipping

Now it's getting yummy!  Spend 2-3 months investing your energy into making real shifts in perspective and being.

Get clear on what is most important to you right now.

Shed limiting beliefs and take action to make your life different!

Make It Happen Mocha

6-Session Package - 45 min each

$105 per session / 30% savings

Espresso Afogato Pouring.jpg

Sweeter still!  A full cup of adventure and exploration!

Take time to explore your inner landscape.  

Discover new terrain within your soul and practice

embodying your Wisdom, Courage & Freedom.

Aspire & Act Afogato

6-Session Package - 45 min each

$90 per session / 40% savings

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