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e-Coaching Subscriptions

e-Coaching subscriptions are an innovative, flexible and affordable solution for you, if you…

  • long for something to change, but you’re not sure what

  • know what you want to change, but you’re not sure how

  • want someone who is willing to listen without judgment when you need to think it through

  • like learning practices and techniques for accessing your own wisdom and embodying your courage

  • are ready to take action, but want someone who is there to hold you accountable and celebrate your successes with you

And you...

  • want to try coaching, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you

  • find it stressful trying to schedule an hour appointment around someone else’s availability

  • prefer to take time for you spontaneously - in the early morning or late night

  • are committed to investing in yourself and your dreams

  • know that a little support would make a big difference

So what is exactly is e-Coaching?

e-Coaching is a virtual coaching exchange that is conducted via email.  

Here is what to expect:

  1. I will send an email at the beginning of each coaching exchange to remind you to use your session during the subscription time frame (monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly).

    • This email will include reflections and follow-up from our intake discussion or the previous session & questions to meditate/journal on.  

    • The email may also include a suggested practice or an invitation to action, as appropriate

  2. You decide when to reply within the time frame of each coaching exchange (monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly).

    • Take time to reflect, journal and/or take action(s)

    • Reply via email – choose to answer the emailed questions, or share your thoughts/experiences on a different subject if there is something more pressing or meaningful to you

    • Ask for questions or observations or support – whatever you feel you need

  3. I will reply to your email within 3 calendar days

    • The reply email will address your questions and requests for support

    • I may also include further questions or activities to work with until our next exchange

You get the support & encouragement you need when you need it.   If you're ready to get started, select a package below.  Your subscription will auto-renew each month but may be canceled at any time.

Lavender Fields

Lavender Plan

Make a Change

Includes ONE Coaching Exchange per calendar month

Polished Stones

Amethyst Plan

Sustain the Change

Includes TWO Coaching Exchanges per calendar month

Purple Glow

Indigo Plan

Embody the Change

Includes FOUR Coaching Exchanges per calendar month

All e-Coaching subscriptions include an initial intake session which can be done via phone, webconference or email.
Contact me if you have questions or need more information to help you make a decision.

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