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  • Calista Ocean

Supernovas and the elements of love

"Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you yet they belong not to you."

- Khalil Gibran

Of all the millions of stars in the Universe, two of the brightest of them were birthed in my womb. Each of you was a supernova - a change in the center of my being, an explosion of life. Although you're part of me, your brilliance is your own. Your light brings out my brightest colors and shows me my shadow. Your passion inspires me to shine forth. Your wisdom reminds me of who I am.

I know that our orbits will take us in different directions in the coming years, but I also know that we will come back together, time and again. I trust that wherever you go, you will find me there. The elements of my love are everywhere - within you and around you.

I am there in the Earth, that you may feel held and supported. Although we didn't always run around barefoot and feel the dirt under our feet, I did my best to nourish you with healthy food, education, and a comfortable home. I watched your roots grow deep and marveled at the way that you blossomed. You each bring your own unique colors and essence to this garden of life.

I am there in the Fire, that you may feel your power. I've hidden an ember of myself in each of you - blow on it and trust it to come to life when you need to remember who you are. You are wild and cannot be contained. You cannot be extinguished. Feel the warmth of my love flickering in your heart. Let it be gentle; and let it burn fiercely through whatever needs to be transformed and turned to ash.

I am there in the Water, that you may feel life flowing through you in each moment. Notice each trickle of creativity, rivulets of pleasure, every drop of pain that waters the strength in your soul. Let your passion inundate you. Let creativity flood every cell of your body. You will not drown. Nor will you go thirsty. In times of drought - when you feel all dried up inside - lift your face to the sky and let me shower you with the love of a mother's overflowing heart. I saved each tear that you cried, each torrent of giggles, each luscious drop of paint that fell from your canvas. Feel them flow back to you, and then pour yourself back into the world.

I am there in the Air, that you may feel excitement. Sometimes the wind tickles your skin. Other times it blows everything away, leaving you with the opportunity to start over again. Forgive me if I haven't always sheltered you from the movement and chaos. Part of me loves riding the hurricane. You may not learn to love it as I do, but trust that it will carry you back to yourself every time.

I am there in the Space, that you may feel your connection to all that is. There is an entire universe within you. Let yourself explore it. Give yourself permission to be you, and give others permission to do the same. There is room for all of us. There is room for everything within you - all of the love, the fear, the anger, the grief, and the ecstasy. Don't contract. Expand into the mystery of it. Embrace the supernova in your soul!


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