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  • Calista Ocean


Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it.

~ Bob Dylan

What am I feeling? I write this question in my journal and stare at the blank page.

Agitated. Restless. I miss going to concerts with my boyfriend and getting together with friends for a weeknight Happy Hour. I miss dining out. I miss hugs. And oh, how I miss traveling.

I also feel flat - deflated.

So, I pause for a moment today to breathe in, feeling myself expand. As I exhale, the word "inspiration" surfaces in my mind. I inhale again and feel into the word. It feels like longing - face turned up to the sky, arms reaching, eyes scanning the horizon. What am I looking for?


I want to feel inspired, which according to, is to feel "aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence." Perhaps that's what I'll wish for this year on my birthday. (I turn 50 in just nine days!) I'll pray for inspiration!

Then, I re-read the definition and notice these words - "the spirit to do something." I realize that finding something requires seeking it. It feels important to do something to generate a sense of wonder within me. So, I fill my journal page with ideas and feel a spark of something ignite inside my heart..

Yes, these are difficult times, perhaps the most difficult that I can remember in my lifetime, but I refuse to let go of my happiness and my creativity. So, I will do something. I will learn and dance and write and serve others. I will find inspiration by actively seeking it.

And just in case you're feeling inspired (or longing to), I've listed a few ideas below. Perhaps just taking time to do something will help you to feel more "aroused and animated" in the coming weeks...

  1. Breathe. Take time to breathe. Meditate. Pray. Allow stillness to guide you to the river of inspiration that flows within you.

  2. Learn. There are so many resources available these days, especially online. Learn another language. Learn how to play a musical instrument. Learn how to make jewelry. Learn how to cook something different. Learn how to style your hair in a new way.

  3. Read. Curl up with a good book of poetry, a novel, or a biography.

  4. Music! Listen to it! Dance to it! Sing a song! Ask friends for recommendations and build some new playlists.

  5. Create. Write a poem or a love letter. Pull out some glue and eco-friendly glitter and make a mess. Paint something. Sculpt something with homemade playdough. Redecorate your bedroom.

  6. Get out into nature. Take a drive or take a walk somewhere beautiful. Enjoy the sound of ocean waves, the smell of pine trees, or the coolness of a stream flowing over your toes.

  7. Be of service. Find a way to support others by volunteering your time. Serve the planet by finding new ways to make your home and your life more sustainable. Do one small thing to make someone else's life a little easier.

Stay inspired and stay healthy, my friends. We've got this!

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