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  • Calista Ocean

Fierce Beauty

Take a moment

Close your eyes and

Turn your gaze within

To see the untamed


Beneath your sacred skin

Sense the winding

River of breath

Cascading cool and sweet

Relax and let it

Caress your belly

And flow into your feet

Notice the vines

Of muscle and sinew

Wrapped o’er limbs of bone

Poised to run

To leap or fly

Strength that is your own

Explore the landscape

Of your soul

The valleys lush and green

Each bloom a reminder

Of radiance

Of moments you felt seen

Dive into an ocean

Of secrets hidden

Beneath the surface waves

Climb steep and rugged

Mountains to rest in

Quiet-moment caves

Reclaim the forest

Of your mind

Decayed by others fears

Clear away falsehoods

Polluting thoughts that

Poisoned you for years

Restore the heat

Between your legs

Where shame has made you numb

You pulse, you ache

To feel again

Receive and come undone

Dance in gardens

Where your desires

Flutter and taunt you to chase

Ride bareback

On your passion

Let it carry you with grace

Step closer to

Your wild heart

Savage and restless to be free

It paces and growls

Behind steel bars of

What others expect you to be

Remember yourself

It’s time to howl

To shriek, to growl, to roar

Claw your way out

Refuse to be

Held captive anymore

You are a fierce beauty and

Your heart will no longer be caged


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