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My books, reading recommendations & links to other great resources for living your most authentic life!

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Books by Calista

What might change in your life if you hit the ‘pause’ button for ten to twenty minutes each week to delve into the wilderness of your soul? What would you discover?


Whether you’ve never journaled a single page or you’ve been journaling for years – this unique book offers creative and thought-provoking questions to inspire self-discovery and insight. This book includes:

  • Weekly journaling prompts and lined pages for writing

  • Ideas for activities that you can do before and after writing each week to deepen your experience – movement, breathwork, visualization, or creative exploration

  • Inspirational quotes and journal excerpts

Available in Paperback, Kindle & Audible formats 

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Gift Ideas - For yourself & those you love

Worth a Read

Image by Thought Catalog

A few of my favorite reads from well-known writers & independent authors - memoirs, non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. 


Most are available in multiple formats (Paperback, Kindle, Audible)

All Things Yoga

Woman in a Yoga Pose

Check out this list for products to support your yoga practice - mats, props, and more books worth reading.

Sacred Space

Image by Noelle Australia

Items to help create a sacred space in your home for meditating or writing or just relaxing - candle holders, dream jars, and products to support ritual/ceremony.

Reduce, Re-Use,


Image by EcoPanda

Ideas for beauty and household products to help protect our planet - plastic-free or recycled products. Help make a difference!

Give It A Wear

Image by Brooke Cagle

A few of my favorite clothing, jewelry and accessory purchases for all seasons and all reasons. 

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