Calista's year-long wisdom embodiment practices and journaling program makes its way from social media to paperback!

Book description

I know you're busy, and sometimes it feels like there's not enough time to breathe, let alone sit down for a few minutes to write. But you’re worth the time! Time to write. Time to be still. Time to reflect.


What might change in your life if you hit the ‘pause’ button for ten to twenty minutes each week to delve into the wilderness of your soul? What would you discover?


Whether you’ve never journaled a single page or you’ve been journaling for years – this unique book offers creative and thought-provoking questions to inspire self-discovery and insight. This book includes:

  • Weekly journaling prompts and lined pages for writing

  • Ideas for activities that you can do before and after writing each week to deepen your experience – movement, breathwork, visualization, or creative exploration

  • Inspirational quotes and journal excerptsThe best part is that there is no way to ‘get it wrong.’


Although the book will act as a map through different terrains, you’ll invite your heart to guide you each step of the way. You decide how much to write and how often. You select the activities that inspire you and ignore the ones that don’t.


Let your intuition be your compass and grab a pen! It’s time to Explore Your Inner Landscape.

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Calistas' first novel is a supernatural thriller with plot twists to keep you turning the pages...

Book description

When Frank Aaron wakes up on a moonlit hillside, the only thing he remembers is kissing Rhea, a client’s wife whose husband believes she was being unfaithful and whose suspected lover has been found decapitated. Things become even more confusing when he finds his way to a tiny town named Peril. His encounters with the locals convince him that he’s either having a bad dream or an afterlife experience.

Frank is stranded in the small town whose bizarre inhabitants include a cyborg, a ninja chef, a terrifying hotel clerk, and a mysterious bookstore owner who may be his only hope of understanding where Peril is and why he is there.

Will he find a way back to his home in southern California? Or will Frank’s attempt to get out of Peril pull him deeper into a mystery where the lines between real and unreal dissolve?

5-Star Reviews on Amazon!

"An extremely clever and well written novel. Great, well developed characters and smooth dialogue. Hard to believe it's her first novel. It kept me interested from the first page to the last. Terrific twists and turns and an ending that doesn’t disappoint. Everyone will enjoy this novel, but a must read for anyone who writes or hopes to write. Can’t wait for the movie and the sequel!!"

"When I started reading In Peril it appeared to be an old fashion mystery private eye novel. Boy was I wrong! In peril is one of those books where you should expect the unexpected. The numerous plot twists and turns along with strongly developed characters continue to surprise and entertain."

Available in Kindle and Paperback formats on  Purchase your copy today!

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