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I'm Calista!

Mother, Writer, 

Adventure Seeker, 

Inner Journey Guide

It took a health crisis for me to realize that it was time to make a change.

Almost twenty years ago, I faced a health challenge that wasn’t life-threatening, but scared me enough to begin questioning things.  I’d been practicing yoga for a couple of years at that time, which put me in touch with the wisdom of my body.  I knew that when I listened, my body told me secrets about myself that my mind hadn’t managed to sort out yet.  My body didn’t need to try to find the right words or distinguish its messages from the chatter in my mind.  It went straight to the truth.

Something wasn’t “right.”  My body was betraying itself, in the same way that I’d been betraying myself by not living my truth.  It was time to re-balance.  It was time to find my way back to a healthier and more authentic me.


It wasn’t a one-time fix.  It wasn’t a one-time change.  Instead, it was a series of changes.  Small ones and big ones.


It was the beginning of a journey through my inner landscape.  A journey that would lead me back to myself, again and again, showing me new and wondrous aspects of myself each time I had the courage to explore.


In 2018, after eighteen months of planning and an unexpected battle with early stage breast cancer, I sold my home and left my corporate job in southern California to “live in the world” and finish writing my first novel.  A sense of adventure and a willingness to trust compelled me to let go of the life I knew in order to reach for the life I know is possible.  I’m still exploring and still reaching.

My journey has been supported by many coaches, mentors, and teachers who have invited me to create stillness, deepen in self-awareness, and embody my wisdom and courage.  Besides helping me to reconnect with myself, they’ve also taught me how to hold space for the transformation of others. 


I’ve always had a natural ability to empathize to listen without judgment, which led me to begin doing 1:1 work with others as a coach.  At the same time, I spent years studying and teaching yoga.  Over time, I realized the importance of incorporating embodied practices into my own process of self-reflection and the work that I do with others.  It became clear to me that the key to making change (and sustaining it) is moving insight and inspiration from your mind into your body.


Embodying your wisdom and your courage, is the path to experiencing a more authentic life!

But I know that it’s not easy.


I know what it’s like to juggle the often-competing demands of parenting, career and personal aspirations.  I understand what it’s like to be tired and feel like there’s never enough time. 

I get that there are real obstacles – both external and internal – to making the changes you want to make


And I’ve learned that even a small change can make a difference.  A slight course correction can get you headed back in the direction of your dreams.


And I recognize you.


You’re intelligent and know how to get things done, and you’re also creative and chaotic. 


You’re strong, in a subtle way that runs deep.


You’re full of self-doubt AND also a deep sense of self-trust.


You’re a unique expression of wisdom, courage, and freedom. 


You’re ready for things to be different.


I’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money to get qualified* to be your guide and companion on your adventure – to help you rediscover the pieces of your soul that you’ve hidden or lost along the way.  I want to celebrate with you as you re-claim those aspects of yourself and create a life that reflects the truth of who you are.

And I’m ready to use everything that I’ve learned on my own journey to support you on yours!  

*A quick list of my formal certifications - 

  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training - Integrative Yoga Therapy (2001)

  • Certified Professional Coach - International Coaching Academy (2013)

  • Deep Coaching Intensive - Center for Transformational Coaching (2017)

  • Embody Tantra Teacher Certification - Embody Tantra (2019)

  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training - Shivakali Yoga (2019)

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