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Thanks for checking out my website.  I'm glad you're here.

I'm Calista Ocean - writer, yoga practitioner, adventure-seeker, and someone who refuses to write a "bio" about myself in the third person.  It's challenging to try to describe myself in a couple of short paragraphs, especially since I'd rather grab a cup of coffee with you so that I could get to know you too.  Besides, eye contact is always nice and it would be lovely to end our chat with a warm hug.

A few things that I'll share with you for now - until we meet a a cafe somewhere...​I'm a fifty-something woman with wild, curly hair that it took me years to love.   I'm a mother (which rocks!)  I'm poet and a novelist and a keeper of journals.  I'm a breast cancer survivor and a recovering perfectionist.  I'm an extraordinary, ordinary woman who loves to dance and travel and sing kirtan and spend time in nature.

What is this site all about?  It's about self-expression.  It's about everything and nothing.  It's a place that I show up to share my journey with others.  

Published Books

Explore Your Inner Landscape


What might change in your life if you hit the 'pause' button for 10-20 minutes each week to delve into the wilderness of your soul?  What would you discover? 

Click here to order this colorful, gift quality book which includes 52 weeks of embodied practices and journal prompts.

In Peril

In Peril Cover Final.jpg

Where is Peril and how did Frank Aaron get there?  Will he find a way back to his home or will his attempt to get out of Peril pull him deeper into a mystery where the lines between real and unreal dissolve?

Click here to order this exciting thriller!  My debut novel has a 5-star rating and is available in paperback, Kindle, and Audible formats.

Embodying Your Inner Wisdom

Fit for Joy Interview with Calista
00:00 / 57:49

What does it mean to embody your wisdom, courage and freedom?

Listen to me talk about this and other topics in an interview on the podcast "A Quest for Well-Being." 

Journey with me!

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